Jam Pars Plastic Company a subsidiary of Ehtemam Jam Company was established in 2004 with the goal in producing a variety of three-layer, form fill and seal, plastic bags and pallets. Jam Pars Plastic Company is situated in the special Pars economic energy zone and in close proximity of some of the largest petrochemical plants in the world. Machinery and equipments of this factory are from the most prestigious and top international builders and suppliers. By taking advantage from the advanced machinery and all the unique fully automated equipments along with experienced and trained staff with the factories impeccable production capacity and the highest quality of products, Jam Pars Plastic Company is delighted to be among the largest manufacturer of pallets and three layer plastic bags.

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With the development of the South Pars gas resources and the creation of multiple petrochemical plants, particularly in urea and ammonia in Pars Special Economic Energy Zone, a production unit of UFC85 and Formalin in the region was essential.

In this regard, our company Ehtemam Jam with respect to protect national interests and to enhance the value of the South Pars gas resources, Ehtemam Jam broke ground, in 1387, for a production unit of UFC85 and Formalin in Asaluyeh’s Pars Special Economic Energy Zone, with an annual production capacity of 80,000 tons and its derivative formaldehyde under the license of Alder, Italy.

The detailed design and provision of basic facilities, accessories (OFF SITE) was done by reputable Iranian companies and engineers and the first phase became operational in Nowruz of 1390.

With the grace of the Lord almighty, Ehtemam Jam Company benefited from the latest modern technology, machinery, equipment and the valuable experience and know-how of the experts from the start. The production quality standards have won our customers trust and satisfaction.

Special efforts made by managers and company officials to environmental issues have placed Ehtemam Jam Company as a green industry activist and eco-friendly manufacturer in the Pars Special Economic Energy Zone.

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